Sunday, 19 February 2012

311. Blink and you'll miss it!

At around 7:30 last night we had our first snow of the winter.  It was coming down thick and fast with big white flakes swirling around in the wind.  It didn't last long at all though, and there's almost no evidence of it today.
This photo was taken from my living room and shows the back of the lovely pantiled cottage with the blue shutters that sits beside the harbour.


  1. We awoke to a surprise very light dusting this morning! Not as picturesque as yours though!!
    Ali x

  2. We had a blizzard for about an hour during the village Jumble Sale yesterday but by the end it had gone from the ground. Usually we get 'snowed in' to our village at least once in winter but not this year. The Borders has been uncharacteristically green.This is my first year of retirement and I was looking forward to feeling both smug and snug on 'working' days whilst others scraped their windscreens. Serves me right. Johnshaven looks lovely these days - much smarter than I remember it - my last visit was 1979! Caroline

    1. I reckon it's time you came back for a visit!

      Last winter we had loads of snow that didn't melt for ages. The kids had a full week off school and I got some great photos!