Tuesday, 9 September 2014

415. The Scottish Referendum

I have swithered and swithered about whether or not to write anything about this, because I absolutely don't want this blog to be seen as political.  However, the purpose of this blog is to create a pictorial record of the village which will hopefully be interesting to folk both now and in the future.

The vote on September 18th is a hugely significant event and, given the strength of feeling that is clearly visible on the streets of Johnshaven, I do feel that this moment in our history should be included here.  So, I had a walk around the village this morning and took photos of all the referendum related signs I saw.

I have disabled comments on this particular post as I do not want any political rants from either side of the debate.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

414. Storytelling at the harbour

Today the village was treated to an expert, musical storytelling session with Tam Dean Burn and his Books on a Bike. He is currently following the Queen's Baton Relay around Scotland, performing Julia Donaldson's wonderful children's books for everyone to enjoy.

Friday, 13 June 2014

413. Bark Boiler

Ages ago I posted about the bark boiler situated in the garden of a house near the harbour. The house was sold last year, and an agreement was made between the new owner (who, understandably, didn't want this in his small garden) and the local Heritage Society that it should be carefully removed and relocated in a place where it can be seen and understood by everyone.  

Here it is, having been removed from its brick housing.

A new brick structure was built at the harbour

And here it is, finished off with a perspex lid, for everyone to see.

There are two interpretive boards giving information about the history of the village
in general and the bark boiler in particular.