Thursday, 16 February 2012

308. Shadows

This shadow cast by chimney pots caught my eye as I walked past Waughton Place.

Apologies for the 2 missing days recently - I was away for a few days and, although I had set Blogger to automatically upload posts, it failed to do so.  There will be a week missing at Easter too, but I'll keep going until the full 365 photos have been posted. 


  1. How cool! Love those moments when you spot something unique!
    Ali x

  2. How lovely to see Waughton Place! More than 50 years ago my Granny took me to stay there with my Great-Auntie Lil (Beattie)who had a wee shop which sold ice-cream! I think she made it on the premises. It was the first time I had ever had hundreds-and-thousands, which she used to sprinkle on the cones. Happy memories indeed.I am so enjoying your photos, thank you!

    1. Hi Caroline
      Thanks for leaving your comment. It's lovely to hear people's happy memories of the village :)
      There used to be loads of shops here - about 50 I believe - before everyone had a car.

  3. Sorry my comment above was published as Anonymous, but it was the only option I could get to work! Caroline