Friday, 29 April 2011

36. Street Party

I  couldn't just post one photo today - it's not every day there's a street party in the village!

On the day of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding Johnshaven had (what we believe to be) the only official outdoor street party in Aberdeenshire.  What a fab afternoon it was - warm and sunny for the most part, loads to eat and drink and good company.

Two teams were challenged to create a wedding dress out of newspaper, sellotape, net and pipecleaners.  This is my daughter, Eilidh, preparing to become a bride...

...and here she is in a one-off designer pink creation.  Beside her is Katy modelling the other team's equally glamorous white dress.

The kids were very excited when a scramble took place - this is a tradition at Scottish weddings where a handful of coins is thrown for the children to collect.  In this case, a bucket full of coins was thrown into the air and the kids scrambled on the grass to grab as much as they could.

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  1. Wow..looks like you all had a great day celebrating...fab way to reocrd it too!
    Ali x