Sunday, 17 April 2011

24. Picturesque cottage

This has to be the most photographed cottage in the village - the pan tiled roof, crisp white walls and blue shutters make it picture perfect!  It must also have one of the best views in Johnshaven as it's at the bottom of Anchor Lane, looking directly on to the harbour.


  1. You are right....very picturesque...and what a bonus to have such a great view. Recognise your Starfish on the board too!!
    I've been away and looked forward, on my return, to some peaceful time when I could take a few minutes to stop the hectic unpacking and washing, unwind and indulge in your sunny, sea and village images. Keep up the great work! Ali x

  2. Thanks Ali - what a lovely thing to say - makes it so worth doing when I get feedback like that :0)

  3. .....didn't know if you caught the post on my blog on 31st thouhgt I'd put similar thoughts here... Ali x