Friday, 17 June 2011

81. Coastal Cup

On Tuesday evening the very first Coastal Cup girls' football tournament was held here in Johnshaven.  There were teams from Johnshaven, Bervie and St Cyrus taking part with a great atmosphere of friendly rivalry.

The deciding game was nail bitingly exciting towards the end, and Johnshaven clinched it to win the trophy.  YAY!!

Being a small school, our team is made up of girls from P2 - P7, and that can be difficult when playing against larger schools whose team is made up of the very best P7 players.  There's a lot of encouragement for both girls and boys to get involved in football training, which takes place regularly in the park and is run by dedicated parents for whom I have the greatest admiration.

Thanks to Mrs Fernandez and the staff at Johnshaven Primary School for gaining parental approval for me to use photos of the children.

That's my girl!!!  (brag, brag)

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