Tuesday, 7 June 2011

73. Out at sea

I took this one yesterday whilst out for a stroll in the evening sunshine.

There are two large boats out at sea, at least one of which was stationary for hours.  Sometimes ships stay out at sea for a while before being escorted into Montrose harbour by a tug.

When is a sea vessel a boat and when is it a ship?  Is there a fixed size/ weight/ crew size?  No idea!  Feel free to enlighten me :)


  1. I saw that huge one too - it was enormous wasn't it? I always wish I knew what was going on with them when I see them, but despite googling everything I can think of, am still completely ignorant!

  2. From what I hear, it's rather vague, like the difference between a novella and a novel. Military vessels are ships, and usually yachts are boats, although fully rigged sailing vessels are ships.