Saturday, 5 May 2012

370. Not just a seagull

Lessons from Dad continue - until our walk the other day I'd called them all seagulls (whilst regularly telling myself that I should make an effort to learn the differences between the various species).
This, he tells me, is an immature herring gull.


  1. I'd facetiously love to know if it's being a bit silly or sulking....
    However, I am impressed by the lovely weather you always seem to have. Has the North-east coast developed its own microclimate these days?
    By the way, these comments only post if I click on the 'Anonymous' link!

    1. We do seem to get a lot of sunny days here, but it's often pretty chilly with it!

      Blogger can often be a bit annoying when you try to post comments. I've found that unchecking the 'keep me signed in' box works best. Have you registered with Blogger? That may be the problem.