Tuesday, 5 July 2011

99. After hours

We're having new steps fitted at Johnshaven Stores at the moment.  They are an enormous improvement on the very scruffy, old concrete steps that they are replacing. 

It would have been impossible to replace the area immediately outside the shop door during opening hours, so last night Scott and Doug came back at 8pm and worked late to get that bit finished. 

Today the steps are in use and they are working on replacing the ramp.

Now we have to wait for the railings. 

There's a very long story attached to the whole steps/ railings project, and we honestly wondered whether we'd ever actually see them in place.  The bulk of the railings were made ages ago and have been stored at a blacksmith's in Fife for ages.  We went to see them in October 2009 and ever since then we've had the frustration of not being able to get the project started, so there has been much happiness in the MacKenzie household this week :)

In case you've never been here or have already forgotten what they looked like, here's a 'before' photo of the steps!

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