Monday, 18 July 2011

104. Zombie film

For some time now, a film crew has been visiting Johnshaven as one of the locations for the full length movie, Attack of the Herbals.  It has already been premiered at Cineworld in Aberdeen, and I believe it's going to be shown at Cannes.

They were back in the village at the weekend, filming some extra bits and pieces.

The plot involves crates of herbal tea washing up on the shore.  It's an addictive brew that turns people into zombies!  Great stuff!!  You can follow the film's progress on their Facebook page.


  1. Fantastic! RW Jnr really into zombies thanks to an app...will get him to check it out!
    Ali x

  2. Really????!!!! I had no idea about this! What a hotbed of excitement we live in/near!

  3. Thanks for the tag on the pic.

    The movie's trailer was screened at Cannes and grabbed a lot of attention. We have signed with Camelot Entertainment from LA and they are working on a distribution deal but they have asked for more action. This is all to be shot, cut and scored for the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

    So thanks to the people of Johnshaven (Especially the McBay family for all the help they've given us) we were back shooting (quite literally) last weekend.

    "Like" us on facebook and you'll see updates of whats going on.

    Thanks again for all your support
    Liam Matheson
    Clear Focus Movies