Thursday, 10 October 2013

410. Demolition of the Cedars

It's always a bit sad to see any building pulled down but, in the case of The Cedars, something very special is going to take its place.  

This is how it looked at 10:45 this morning.  

 The owners of The Cedars had originally planned to improve and extend the house, but the costs were prohibitive and the result still wouldn't have been ideal for their requirements.  The building lies just outside the conservation area, so the decision was made to demolish and start from scratch with a super efficient, modern Grand Design.

The proposed elevations can be seen here.

Here are a few photos of the Cedars, taken on a sunny day earlier this year.

It was once the village's police house and the cell windows could still be
 seen on the rear of the building.


  1. Outwith the conservation area or not these former community buildings should be preserved, restored and sympathetically added onto as they can never be replaced. If folk want to build a grand design they should do it on vacant land and create their own future heritage - not tear down what is already established.

  2. Gosh, we went to see this house and I loved it, shame it could not have been extended sympathetically.

  3. More money than sense comes to mind.

  4. We lived there until 2004 so in many ways sad to see it go. Still as an Architect and some one who respects the work that the Voigt Partnership produces the new house looks interesting and certainly not detrimental. There were structural limitations with the house and the drainage system was hopeless and sometimes it can be better to start again. Change is always difficult but it'll be surprising how quickly everyone becomes used to the new house.

  5. I thought this post may generate some comments!
    Interestingly, objections were raised to the owners' initial planning application to extend and improve the house, but there were no objections to the later plans to demolish and rebuild.