Saturday, 15 December 2012

401. Storm damage & debris

Yesterday it never got properly light outside.  It felt like dusk at around 1:30pm and we were well and truly battered by wind and rain all day.  Last night this continued and combined with a high tide to produce massive waves which have caused a lot of damage to the roads.

I only had time to get along to the harbour area before opening up the shop this morning, but I heard that it's a terrible mess in the other direction too.  Several residents were clearing boulders from outside their houses along Fore Street for well over 2 hours this morning, and Alison's much admired quirky garden has been completely destroyed.

At least the seagulls are loving it as there are dead crabs all over the place!

 Great chunks of tarmac have been lifted up and smashed.

This is the usually stone-free grassy area beyond the harbour where the kiddies' rides are at the Fish Festival.

Look at the size of the big piece of tarmac under the pile of debris here!


  1. Wow! That's incredible! It was like that here too but no storm damage. So dark though! and it never got warm in the kitchen as the east wind buffeted all day. What a shame for Alison's garden.

  2. A truly grim day down here in the Borders too. I've never seen so much water everywhere. My Granny (from Johnshaven) always said that you have to beware of the power of the sea. No wonder!
    Hope all is calm for Christmas!
    By the way, have just seen the lovely photo of your shop in the new VisitScotland brochure.
    Really hope to get up this year.

  3. Have been thinking about you all day after I heard Stonehaven mentioned on the radio.
    Sorry to hear about Alison's garden and what a lot of other damage, though the saegulls did well.
    I have always been hypnotically fascinated by the sea...but its tempered by an unsettling wariness of the power lurking under its surface...
    Hope you have calmer days ahead.
    Ali x

  4. Stunned at the damage,hope everyone is ok,been thinking about it all day.I sit on that shoreline when I'm up there,the distance those boulders have been thrown is unbelievable.

  5. That was some very terrifying storm damage along the streets. I wish there were no houses damaged by the water. Signs of storm damage in homes are quite hard to repair, and it requires professionals to completely restore everything. Anyway, I hope your house was not damaged too.

  6. You can totally see in the pictures the damage that the storm brought to this city. Sections of roads have been washed out. I hope that local authorities took immediate action in clearing debris and fixing those fragile roads.

  7. That’s some road damage. Hopefully the houses were reinforced enough for such weather, as locals would probably expect that much wind and rain being near the waters.

    Lino @ Arrys Roofing